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TEXTEAR - SMS for Organizations

TEXTEAR is a CRM platform for organizations that allows them communicate with their clients, employees and other stakeholders using SMS (mobile short message system). It works currently only in Venezuela, where SMS has gained universal access with very cheap price rates. TEXTEAR is a venture in which I was responsible of: idea generation and concept, analysis, architecture, design, back-end and front-end programming, deployment, documentation and marketing. I also worked as Main Operations Manager in my own company, Fluxus Soluciones CA. After six years of succesfull operation, TEXTEAR was sold to Corporacion Tedexis CA. TEXTEAR was marketed using Google Adwords.



Venezuelan Police Atlas

With the deployment of the "Atlas Policial de Venezuela", the Venezuelan Government put into the hands of the people, using Internet access, relevant information about all of the national police corps. That information wasn't publicly available before. I was in charge of idea generation, concept, design, programming, deployment and maintenance of the solution, that includes a back-end administration module. The site was later included within a new police corps behaviour control and public auditing portal, called "SIETPOL", which is also listed in my portafolio.

http://www.unes.edu.ve/atlaspolicialvenezuela (currently down)

Venezuelan government's press release (2010)


SIETPOL - Venezuelan Police Strategic Information and Transparency System

SIETPOL means "Sistema de Informacion Estratégica y Transparencia Policial". This system manages strategic, operational and performance information related to all of the police corps and all of the police officers of Venezuela. The project development was done in 18 months (ending april 2012) with no failures in schedule and scope conformity. Its budget was around USD 2 MM. I directed a team of 14 people (mainly developers) and was also in charge of idea generation, concept, analysis, architecture, general design, detailed design for some components, programming for some components (Javascript, PHP, CodeIgniter, SQL), data migration and integration, configuration, deployment, documentation and knowledge transfer. Using the SCRUM agile methodology, I acted as the "Product Owner". SIETPOL is a state high security, restricted-access system. Novel software components, barely found in other solutions, were implemented: dynamic user-defined database fields, business entities' client-defined, dynamic and periodic performance indicators, business entities' competitive rankings, dynamic user-defined reports generator, configurable user interface widgets and database-based dynamic on-line help system.

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Related documents (@ venezuelan government's web)


Venezuelan Police Officers Homologation and Reclassification System

In Venezuela, a Police System Reform Project was implemented since 2006. By 2010 there were more than 150 police corps, with no standardization of officers' hierarchy, ranks, academic background, earnings and benefits. A solution was then needed in order to homologate and reclassify the police officers. I designed, programmed, deployed and maintained the new "Sistema de Homologación y Reclasificación Policial", which was in production for 12 months until the end of the process. More than 80,000 officers took a specifically designed online test and the results fed a back-end component that calculated the new ranks for each officer. Security, fraud-preventing and auditing were the main issues.

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