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lib_gg_orgchart v1.0.0b1 is out!

CRUDDER v1.0.0b1 is out!


Software architect, designer, programmer and writer

Update [07/april/2014]: just released a new open-source solution: CRUDDER, a complete CRUD plug-in component for implementing back-end administration tools in web applications.

Update [24/march/2014]: my open-source library lib_gg_orgchart appears in the first page of results when searching for "javascript organizational chart library" in Google.

Main goal: To help my clients and the community to achieve our goals in a creative, cost-effective way, on time and with excelent quality.

Focus: Small is beautiful. Solutions should be as simple as possible, so they can be easily maintained. Invest in analysis, design and architecture in order to save later in programming and maintenance. Quality is a main issue. Do it agile.

Academic profile: Computer Science Enginnering (Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB), Venezuela); Master in Business Administration (MBA) (Instituto Superior de Estudios de Administración (IESA), Venezuela).

Currently seeking for IT contracts with remote, Internet-based execution mode.
Projects can be managed using or any other IT-workgroup tool.






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